The Filter Factory gives environmentlly concerned companies the opportunity to complete the recycling "loop" by allowing them to reuse their air filters. 

PET Processors, a plastic recycling company, is one of our regular customers, using us to recycle their air filters for them for reuse.

*Your air filters are designed to be cleaned. The paper is coated with plastic, which allows us to remove the dirt without harming the filter media.

*Our wash process removes all dirt particles with no loss of filtering effectiveness. We use a low pressure hose for cleaning and low temperature heat for drying. Each filter is then inspected for torn paper, worn paper or broken seals. We do not recommend blowing out your air filter, this can cause damage to the filtering media.

*For approximately half the cost of a new filter, we can restore a dirty (unabused) filter to a like-new condition. This process can be repeated up to 5 times, depending on your maintenance quality. When our inspection process determines your filter cannot be restored to a like-new condition, we scrap the filter.

*We are covered by a $300,000.00 product liability policy, with a $1,000,000.00 umbrella, although we have never been called upon to use it. Bad filters do not leave our plant.

*The Filter Factory, in servicing hundreds of satisfied customers, has earned the respect of the industry. We continue to run bi-weekly routes through Ohio and Pennsylvania, picking up dirty filters and returning them cleaned 2 weeks later.

*We can clean Air Filters and Bags for Dust Collector Systems, Truck and Bus Filters, or Off Highway Equipment Filters, and also Wire Mesh Restaurant Filters.

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